Brave and Daring Personal Care for Men by Bad Lab

Skin, Hair & Body they got you all covered. This Malaysian born brand is churning out Halal personal care products. Yup your reading it right, Halal. The goodness doesn’t end there.

Brave and Daring Laboratory aka Bad Lab serves up a good array of products all made of contents that works on men’s skin like how SKII works wonders for the ladies. Anti-acne, Skin Rejuvenation, you name it they’ve got it covered.

The brand is a huge hit in Malaysia & viral on social media with a long list of endorsements from countless influencers from all over the world.  The brand even went on as a Official Partner of world known MMA Fighting Championship – One Champion.

The brand is now available in numerous countries, from Malaysia all the way to the united states & of course Singapore too!

RedMart carries the full range of products on their platform. Prices range from SGD3.90 to SGD9.90.
What are you waiting for? Grab yours now!

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