What exactly is LiveUp ?

If your a frequent RedMart Shopper, I’m pretty sure you have seen one of those ad banners on the site with LiveUp all over it.

So what exactly is LiveUp? If you google it, this is what comes up


This does not quite answer my question of what is LiveUp. What does LiveUp do for me? How am I going to benefit from LiveUp? The pile of questions goes on.

Basically, LiveUp is a subscription rebate programme. With an annual subscription fee of SGD28.80 for the first year, your opening up yourself to savings from 10 different major partners of this programme.

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LiveUp serves up a standard set of perks for a fixed group of partners. Truth be told, Majority of these perks actually are things most regular consumers like you and me use on a daily basis. Transport, Groceries, Entertainment, Shopping. They have got you covered in like almost all possible online shopping category.

Our Top Rebates

We did the maths and LiveUp is definitely worth your time & money.


The cheapest subscription plan for Netflix is SGD10.98. 2 free months will bring your savings to $21.98.
Dont forget your 1 month additional free Netflix¬†trial. Just this alone, you’re almost covered on your subscription.


Free Shipping. Might not sound like much, but LiveUp is not just offering free delivery. It’s free fastest shipping possible. Yes, the turn over for fastest shipping varies with the merchant, however fastest shipping is on most cases more expensive. On Lazada, these shipping charges range from SGD1.90 to SGD 5.00 or more.

To top it off, 5% rebate capped at SGD30 per month. The Cap spoils the mood a little but its no biggie. Free express shipping just made my day. I’ll worry about my rebate 30 days later when it actually happens.


Grab rewards points start from 1 point every dollar spent. To redeem for an SGD10 coupon you will need 3800 points. This basically means you need to spend $3800 for a $10 discount. With LiveUp this coupon comes once with every 10 rides. You do the math guys.

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End of the day, LiveUp is still truly a rebate & reward programme for the online shopping active ones. If your using less then 2 of the services they provide rebates & rewards for, do rethink if this reward platform is the one for you.

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