Sony Brings back the PlayStation Classic

It is time to relive your childhood fun time with the arrival of the Sony PlayStation Classic! Sony is set to deliver a piece of your childhood with the launch of its PlayStation Classic. Designed in the exact same way as its 1994 predecessor, the PlayStation Classic console is however 45% smaller in size than the original model but packs the same amount of fun and thrill.

The first Playstation changed the gaming world forever with its one-of-a-kind and ergonomically-designed controllers that provided gamers with a great grip while playing in a single player format or with up to 3 other challenges with an added-on multitap peripheral of the PlayStation. The console itself comes equipped with an HDMI cable that connects it to your TV along with 2 wired controllers and a virtual memory card to save your games.

The popularity of PlayStation with both boys and girls (now adults) has always been because it is simple to be installed to just about any TV set. The availability of many types of games produced by famous gaming companies all helped to cement the Playstation’s popularity even with the introduction of its rival gaming console Xbox 360.This

The PlayStation Classic comes preloaded with 20 of the most famous and nostalgic games of the 90s such as Tekken, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil etc. Users could always add on to the treasure chest of those games with other compatible PlayStation game discs of their own. Give the gift of gaming history and childhood memory with this Sony Playstation Classic today!

Available from 3 December 2018 and priced at $ 139 in Singapore and RM 429 in Malaysia.


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