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A well-known cashback site today, ShopBack is an online shopping reward online site that rewards customers with cash rebates every time you shop at one of their 500 partner online stores. Unlike discounts offered by those online shopping websites themselves, ShopBack serves as an all-in-one space to provide both merchants and customers an integrated platform for various shopping deals.

How it works

This is how it works: Shopback is an affiliate marketer that receives a commission for every purchase it receives on its partnered e-commerce sites. With this commission, ShopBack passes on some of the earnings to their customers. This means that you get to EARN money while shopping online through their website. For every purchase you make, free money is credited to your ShopBack account.

If you maintain a minimum available balance of SGD 10 in your bank or Paypal accounts, you have the choice to request for a payout as real cash to these accounts.

TLDR; Whatever you find on ShopBack will be cheaper after applying ShopBack’s code, and an account is free to create.

Earn while you shop: Popular Online Websites


If you are looking for trendy fashion items, major fashion destinations such as Zalora is the place to go. Zalora is Asia’s major fashion online shopping site that houses brands such as Aldo, Dorothy Perkins, Nike and many more. On average, you get 2% cashback for your Zalora purchases made through Shopback!

If you are traveling, Agoda is one of ShopBack’s partner that gives you up to 6% cashback. There are many other travel websites such as Expedia, Scoot, and Booking that offers competitive cashback rates as well.

For instance, even with last-minute Bangkok trip, there are up to 50% deals on hotels.


Popular dining services such as Chope, Deliveroo, and Foodpanda are ShopBack partners that make your dining choices well-worth.

Each offers various forms of cashback, such as 10% cashback on Deliveroo, or $1.50 cash back on Eatigo.

CashBack Buddy: Chrome Extension

To further enhance and make your cashback experience easier, ShopBack has a chrome extension that allows you to earn cash back whenever you are shopping online.

This works as you enter your favorite online shop, you will be notified whether that online shop is available for CashBack via ShopBack through a notifier on the top right-hand corner. Once you activate the CashBack status, all purchases made will be automatically conducted via CashBack.

Conclusion: Is it all good?

ShopBack not only give customers free cash for every purchase made, but it also gives them a new “channel” for their bank account to grow for every order carted out. This might be a guilty pleasure for some, but the allure of free cash is definitely one that is hard to resist.

However, upon closer inspection, it is important to note that users need to wait at least 30 days before they receive their cash back. This is implemented in place to protect merchants such as Zalora that has a 30-day return policy, preventing online scammers and think likes. For honest spenders, the need to wait out for 30 days might be a bit of stretch, especially during the end of the year sales where there are sales campaign scheduled back to back. In other words, customers are not able to receive the instant gratification of receiving free cash right after making a purchase.

To shop and receive cashback smartly, it is never too much to stop to consider what you really want before you make any purchases.

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