Living The Budget Life – Acai Bowl

Acai Bowl.

On average to enjoy a serving of Acai Bowl in a store here on our sunny island will set you back by say an average of $10.

Let us help you snap up a cheaper way to look healthy on your Instagram!

Most Acai related products like the Acai Bowl and milkshake has 1 main ingredient – Acai Puree. Some places call them blends or frozen pulp but they all essentially give you the same primary ingredient. These products usually come frozen in a little baggie of 4 sachets with 100g in each sachet. A bag of these will generally cost you about $10-15

Just the puree alone is honestly pretty much tasteless. For the real healthy go-getters, the puree is edible once defrosted. Let’s get real for a bit, take a whiff of the puree now that it’s defrosted and you know you won’t like it plain.

From here on, things just get real simple. While shopping for your Acai Puree, grab some Bananas, A frozen berry mix, some maple syrup or honey for taste and a carton of milk.
Head home, pop open your blender and dunk all your ingredients in. All of the complimenting ingredients are just to help add taste and texture to your Acai Bowl so add according to your own liking.

Dont forget to garnish your Acai Bowl to make it Insta-Worthy! Anything can be used. Fruits or even nuts!

Lastly, a couple hacks to achieving your dream Acai Bowl.
If your someone who likes your Acai bowl thick and Ice-Creamy, freeze a couple bananas prior for an hour or two before use.
Got a sweet tooth, just add a little more honey/maple syrup.

Show us in the comment section how Insta-Worthy your Acai Bowl’s get!

Here are a few places you can pick up your Acai Bowl Ingredients.
Acai Puree
Frozen Berry Mix 

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