iPhone Xs VS iPhone Xr: Which to get ?

On the 19th of October last Friday, many have received an email from Apple with the title “iPhone XR. Pre-Order Now”. It’s finally happening.

Here are some compelling reasons to help you save at least SGD420 if you are looking to pick up one of the 2018 iPhones.

1. Bigger Screen 
The iPhone Xr has the largest LCD ever on an iPhone. Technically Bigger than an iPhone Xs but smaller than an iPhone Xs Max for sure.

2. Better, Longer Battery Life
Statistically, Apple claims that the iPhone Xr is able to deliver 15 hours of screen time. This will give the Xr the best battery life amongst all of this year’s iPhone models. The Xs delivers a 9.41 while the Xs Max delivers 11.30 hours.

3. More Colours!!
The last time colors like yellow were seen on an iPhone is 5 years ago on the iPhone 5c in 2013. They combined the glass backing along with an aluminum frame didn’t prove to be a problem with the new colors. Apple did a great job in the color transition between materials.

4. 1 Rear-Facing Camera but still do almost as well!
Despite the Xr having only 1 Rear-Facing camera, it still is a 12 megapixels camera. It still captures 4k Videos. However, the Xr has a slightly different portrait mode due to it having only 1 rear-facing camera. What the Xr has is a Software portrait mode with some limitations as compared to the other models. The Software Portrait Mode still gets the job done.

5. Most of what matters are the same.
A12 Bionic Processor. Face ID. iOS 12. Wireless Charging. Animated Emoji. Basically, the gist of what makes an iPhone sought after is all available on the Xr.

“Unless you’re totally sold on the mega-size screen of the XS Max, or you can’t live without 2x optical zoom in the XS cameras, you should hold off on any decisions until then.” – Scott Stein on CNET.com

So what are you going for?
Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credit: medium.com

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