Christmas with KitKat

KIT KAT is here to get everyone ready and cheery for Christmas! RedMart has brought the ultimate KIT KAT Chocolate Box just for the festive season – The KIT KAT Xmas Village House Chocolate Box!

Sent in all the way from Europe, the Box Set is now exclusively available on RedMart for SGD6.00.
The Box Set Includes far more than just the regular KIT KAT! The set includes 2 KIT KAT Singles, 4 KIT KAT Mini & 1 KIT KAT Santa.

NESTLE KIT KAT Village Xmas House Chocolate Box
Retail Price SGD 6.00

If a KIT KAT Santa isn’t your thing, KIT KAT has a slightly milder Christmas Themed bundle in place. Through KIT KAT’s Premium line “Senses”, the brand has rolled out 2 separate Christmas Specials.

KIT KAT Senses Mix Box – Christmas Special (SGD8.95)KIT KAT Senses Tree Decorations – Christmas Special (SGD3.95)

The “Senses” line up has each pack filled with 3 different flavors of KIT KAT – Hazelnut, Salted Caramel & Double Chocolate.

Wait no more, grab them on RedMart

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