Christmas is 12 days away. Why aren’t you shopping yet?

It’s 12 days to Christmas, Day 1 of the 12 part Christmas Special with us. Every day we will deliver a one-stop Christmas Prep Kit. Food, Gifts, Decor & Snacks, we got you covered! Rationalize Shopping with us this very Christmas!


Marmalade Pantry, the 19 years old homegrown bistro that is an expert at consistently serving up finger licking good food. They pieced together a to-go feast for your party of any size. This year the spotlight is on their whole roasted turkey with fresh herbs stuffed with Carrots, Onions & Celery to balance out the protein intake. The vegetable stuffing adds a mild fresh sweetness to the whole turkey. A 6-7 hour saltwater brine prior to marinating, stuffing and roasting is a sure promise of a luscious turkey.

The festive menu doesn’t end just yet. An all-time favorite – Maple Honey Glazed Ham. Lightly smoked with a honey wash, soft with a ripe texture. If you’re looking to class it up, a luxurious slab of Angus Ribeye with Merlot Beef Jus is definitely something you should look at. Seared on its side, pink & luscious on the inside. Seeing it in itself is a huge visual orgasm.

Marmalade Pantry’s Christmas Menu includes a whole range of side, cakes & even cupcakes.
Here is a little feel of the prices.
Whole Roasted Turkey with Fresh Herbs – SGD 98.00 (Approx 4.5KG feeds 6-7 Pax)
Maple Honey Glazed Ham – SGD 88.00 (Approx 2KG)
Angus Ribeye with Merlot Beef Jus – SGD 88.00 (Approx 1KG)

Check out the Menu Here & Order right Here


Company Secret Santa Top Hit right here – Cadbury Joy Deliveries Gift Box! Priced at a fairly reasonable price of SDG19.90 the pack comes with a Tumblr & a whole box filled with fun size Cadbury candy! Else it is still a huge steal for you candy lovers out there! PS if you didn’t know cadbury is running a Lucky Draw and purchase of this Joy Deliveries Gift Box entitles you for entry – more details on the purchase link

Shop the Gift cum Snack right here!

Interesting Gifts for the low!

Sass & Belle Say Yay Speech Bubble Rug
Everyone say ‘yay’ to adorable home décor! Made to bring positivity into your life, Sass & Belle materialised this product with 100% Cotton. Way to brighten your day with every step of cushy cotton! Best part this Rug is available on Asos & they ship to Singapore for FREE~

Shop the Rug Here!

Stay Tuned for the next Part of our Christmas Special!

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